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Attend Joffrey and earn college credits with UNLV Dance Program

How it works

  • Attend any Joffrey intensive for 2 weeks, earn 1 college credit

  • Attend any Joffrey intensive for 3 weeks, earn 2 college credits

  • Earn up to 30 college credits

  • For dancers 13 and up

College Credits: UNLV Dance is excited to partner with Joffrey Ballet School to create a program where students who take summer intensive workshops with Joffrey can then apply for Credit By Exam, and gain UNLV college credit for the skills they have learned.

Upon examination of curriculum, UNLV feels students who attend two weeks of summer intensive would be successful and poised for earning 1 college university credit. Students who successfully complete 3 weeks of Joffrey intensive credit will be targeted for a credit by exam to earn 2 college credits at UNLV. Applicable to high school age dancers between the ages of 13 and above.

The most talented students will be targeted to skip 23 total classes for a total of 30 college credits. This translates to one year of the BFA program. This marks a huge acceleration of time (3 years to obtain the BFA), and a vast savings of money.

UNLV has: Numerous performance opportunities, a faculty who have all been working professional artists, artist-in-residence program (always study with professionals from the dance world), accelerated degree programs (earn your BFA degree in dance in 3 years), international travel program (perform around the globe), historic reconstructions of masterpieces from dance history, ranked a top dance department in the west by Dance Spirit Magazine, innovative collaborations with composers, orchestras, lighting and visual design artists, pilates certification programs, Solid academic training in history, music theory, dance production, pedagogy, kinesiology and dance aesthetics, a Las Vegas Concert Season, Nationally recognized dance choreography sequence, a focus on training tomorrow’s dance artists, relationships and partnerships with Korea National Sport University, Joffrey Ballet School, Erick Hawkins Dance Company, International Association of Blacks in Dance.

Address: 4505 S Maryland Pkwy, Las Vegas, NV 89154


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