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On March 3, 2016

Tyger B

A “jack of all trades”, an individual dedicated to his careers, and an inspiration to those who have witness a show, battle, piece of choreography, painting, training session, or words from this positive individual. Tyger-B has taken the few years granted to him so far and treated them with countless hours of focus, sweat, determination, and positivity. Taking his abilities around the globe, Tyger has spread his gifts throughout the USA, Russia, Canada, South Africa, Paris, Japan, Uzbekistan, and many other locations. Moving in the the styles of HipHop, House, Dancehall, Salsa, and many more as a representative of the USA. Studying the techniques of Ballet, Modern, Jazz, Tap, and more at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. Training in the movements of Capoeira, Kick Boxing, Tae Kwon Do, and other martial arts for over 2 decades. All of these attributes contribute to his creative choreography, his diverse ability to switch genres, and his quick eye. Throughout his many events and memorable captures, it’s always a factor for him to continuously evolve, share his positivity, and leave a piece of his life with everyone possible, no matter the size. Giving thanks to all those who has believed in him, every teacher and every student, Tyger looks forward to continuing his life to become the best human he could possibly be right in front of your eyes.

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