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On January 12, 2016

The Lovelies

Often humorous, sometimes quirky and always honest, present and open, the Lovelies work to uncover, establish and conclude the present through discovery. Makers of dance and sound, sculptors of space and designers of time, the Lovelies push each other, question the possibilities, listen to the thing, and generally help, hinder, intersect, bypass, support, infiltrate, destroy and create pieces in the moment. The Lovelies seek to work collectively to establish an environment and work with everyone involved: dancers, musicians and audience members, to build a dance spontaneously. The Lovelies focus on making interesting decisions to build a dance and pay attention to where it will go, unveiling the concept of the work simultaneously. During the Joffrey Experience, The Lovelies will share their knowledge and work to honor collaboration through acute listening, memorable choice-making and appreciation for all in the space. The live musician and dancers will riff off of one another establishing that there is no clear one leader, but all are equal parts of the work, creating a work that unfolds in a genuine way. Showings will be held on both Fridays of the Experience at 3pm.

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