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Talia Favia

Talia Favia

Train with Talia at Joffrey’s LA Flagship Fusion Dance Intensive

Talia Favia is a Los Angeles based Choreographer, Dancer, Artist and Creator/Artistic Director of LIV Dance. She has taught and choreographed all over the Unitd States, Czech Republic, Poland, Russia, and has choreographed on “So You Think You Can Dance” Vietnam. Talia began dancing at the age of 7 and credits her formal training to her sister.

Along with traveling the world, Talia is the founder and director of her Los Angeles based contemporary company, “The Difference Between.” Talia and her company had their first show, “The Difference Between Sinking & Drowning” in Phoenix, AZ and performed to a sold out audience in 2013. In 2014, she brought the show to Los Angeles and was fortunate enough to perform for another sold out audience. Talia’s dream to keep her company going is becoming reality.

Her accomplishments include being a finalist in the 2014 Capezio ACE Awards where she and her company took home 1st place. In July of 2015, Favia’s company took the stage with a brand new show, “The Difference Between Actions & Words” at Dancerpalooza in Long Beach, CA where her work preceded to touch and affect a brand new sold out audience. Favia’s blessings increased soon after when she went straight into rehearsal for Season 12 of So You Think You Can Dance. Most recently, she choreographed a highly praised freestyle performance for Peta Murgatroyd and Nyle DiMarco on the Dancing With the Stars Season 22 Finale, and they went on to take the win!

Talia’s choreography has been described as challenging from the inside out. Her passion and love for teaching is indescribable when you see her in a room and watch her spread her knowledge to the next generation.

In a 2018 interview on DanceTeacher.com Talia described her philosophy to approaching to teaching a dance class.

I try to make my students feel very comfortable. Because I ask a lot from them, there’s a sense of fear already in my work. The last thing I want a student to do is fear me, too. I don’t try to come across as higher than them. I want them to feel as comfortable as possible, because I know how uncomfortable they’re about to feel when we begin to move.

Learn about Joffrey Ballet’s flagship fusion summer dance intensive in LA with Talia Favia.

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